since 1999

Chinese Book | Tradictional Gift | Herbal Medicine


What's in the name of 永盛圖書百貨中藥行?

圖書 - Books

We offer a great deal of Chinese literature and collections of books like a *library*. We also have a balance of trendy to traditional magazines. Moreover, we supply the latest entertainment in CD and DVD from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

百貨 - Department Store

A small-scale *department store* has greeting cards for all occasions, common household items, small appliances, traditional house shoes, Feng Shui accessories, and even Mahjong supplies and tables. For a more expensive taste, fine handicraft items are all over the store.

中藥行 - Traditional Chinese Medicine

We import valuable herbal medicines, dried fruids, and a variety of nutritional supplements from China. We have also supply American ginseng for Chinese American to bring back to China as a valuable gift to friends and families. In addtion, we have services in general diagnostics with Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture.